Technology and Art Collide:

Sound modules and sequencing have come a long way with digital audio sampling and MIDI.  In my spare time I like to produce music using my digital audio recording studio.  My current set up is Cakewalk Pro Audio, a hefty workstation, a piano keyboard, an Alesis SQR sound module, some audio processing equipment and two microphones.  Over the years, I’ve learned to play saxophone as well as trumpet.

Below are samples of some of my work.  Enjoy!


SopranoSaxophoneThe Sacrifice of Praise

– This piece is adapted from a song called ‘We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise’ and is performed on a soprano saxophone with a light Jazz feel.

Oh! How I Love Jesus!

– This piece is performed on an alto saxophone with a Gospel Blues feel.  The first verse starts with a traditional melody.  Later verses, I embellish and improvise on the melody.

Trumpet  The Lord’s Prayer

– This is a classical piece performed on trumpet.

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