Installing or Upgrading Servicedesk 7.0 MR2 to 7.1 – Using a Domain-based Service Account

Article: HOWTO49691  |  Created: 2011-04-14  |  Updated: 2011-04-14
Please find attached the document for Installing or Upgrading Servicedesk 7.0 MR2 to 7.1. 

SD 7.1 Upgrade and Install.pdf

This document guides one through the installation process that will allow automatic authentication using the logged on user’s credentials. Next steps in Process Manager after install are:

1. Browse through pages like Application Properties and Master Settings to ensure things installed correctly.

2. Enable Active Directory Authentication
Admin>Portal>Master Settings>Process Manager Active Directory Settings

  • Active Directory Authentication – checked
  • AS Sync Process Interval (In Mins) – checked
  • Sync Only Users – checked
  • 3. Add Active Directory Servers
    Admin>AD Servers

  • Auto Create User On Initial Login – checked
  • AD Users Default Groups – All Users
  • Run Update Sync Process to import users and start assigning to roles
  • 4. Use a GPO to configure users intranet zone to contain the URL of your ServiceDesk
    User Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Internet Explorer Maintenance>URLs/Important URLs

  • Name:
  • Value: 1
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