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Automatically Close an Incident when Resolved and Bypass Customer Verification

Open the SD.IncidentManagement workflow.

On the Main Incident Work model, create a SkipCustConfirm variable in the Input Data section and set it to True.  Between the Close Cose=QuickClose component and the Customer Confirmation component, add a Matches Rule and configure SkipCustConfirm = False and no match output to the Customer Confirmation component.  Copy the Set Process State/Status, Expose Workflow Tracking ID, SatisfyOverallSLA, and Save External Data components.  Paste those so that the Matches Rule True output goes into that chain.  Take the output of the chain and link it to the End component.  The Customer is no longer notified that their incident is Resolved.

In the Initial Diagnosis sub-model, create a SkipCustConfirm variable in the Input Data section and set it to True.  In the two instances where where the ProcessStatusComponent is set for Resolved at 90%, inset a Matches Rule bypass and set the ProcessStatusComponent to Closed at 100%.  When a technician resolves an incident, it will now set it to Closed.  The Customer needs to Reopen an incident if it is not really Resolved.

Bypass Mandatory KB Search on New Incidents in ServiceDesk

Modify the SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm project and go to the Input Data of the Primay model.  Add a variable called SkipKBSearch with a Default Value of True.

Insert a Matches or True/False rule between SetReturnPath and KB Search components.  Link the True output to the Check ReturnPath component and the other two to the KB Search component.